maandag 11 november 2013

"Zweefje (Magician's Choice)" #theater

Uit voorlopig even het laatste theaterproject! Beginnen aan dat instrumentale album waar ik al een tijdje op broed, nu..

vrijdag 1 november 2013

Artwork voor "Kick Snare Snicker", het komende album van Kubus op Frietboerism!!!

"Today we give you a nice preview. We are most pleased to reveal the frontcover artwork for “Kubus – Kick Snare Snicker”. This beautiful piece is created by dutch artist Saša Ostoja. Unfortunately we had to reschedule our release-plans due to circumstances. The exact release-date for sound-professor Kubus‘ his instrumental album will be the 19th of December. The album will contain experimental beats and the featured tracks have an industrial and heavy character. Expect pounding drums layered with interesting sometimes glitched-up field recordings.

Also recently we made another very related announcement for your party-agenda: on december 7th, Stamp Pasta invites Frietboerism @ Eureka, Zwolle (NL). The line up: Kubus, FFF, Lukast, Omi EKP, Meatcorps and Coco Bryce.

Hope to see you there!
Kubus Frietboerism #artwork #kicksnaresnicker"